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Not Every Combat Wound Receives A Purple Heart. Help For Vets With PTSD.

NORML's Project 4-22 trip has successfully completed. We're making plans for our 2018 trip. You can help by joining with us and the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) state chapters from Missouri and Colorado including Greater Saint Louis NORML, Springfield NORML, NORML Kansas City, University of Missouri NORML, Mid-MO NORML, Denver NORML and Colorado NORML to support NORML's Project 4-22, in 2018.


Early in 2017, twenty-two veterans from Missouri attended NORML's Project 4-22 Summit at the 1st Annual Institute of Cannabis Research Conference in Pueblo, Colorado to learn about the benefits of medical cannabis.

The experience was recorded and will be shared as a documentary so that others may learn how cannabis therapy alleviates the mental illness symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) caused by exposure to military combat service.


The conference was held on April 28th, 29th, and 30th in Pueblo Colorado. Fundraising for NORML's Project 4-22 was initiated on veterans day 11/11/16. The trip started April 27th and finished May 1st.

NORML's Project 4-22 veterans participated in the following events:

3:15-4:30 pm
NORML's Project 4-22 Panel Discussion
5:00 pm
The NORML's Project 4-22 Summit and Flag Ceremony
6:30-8:00 pm
Evening Reception El Pueblo Museum


A national mental health crises exists among veterans. On average, 22 Veterans commit suicide every day according to a 2012 report from the Veterans Health Administration. PTSD is the leading cause of suicidal tendencies and cannabinoid therapy is emerging as an effective medical counter measure to alleviate the symptoms of this post-combat mental illness as well as other issues such as chronic pain.


This project is a joint effort between Greater Saint Louis NORML, Springfield NORML, NORML Kansas City, University of Missouri NORML, Mid-MO NORML, Denver NORML and Colorado NORML


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How Can I Help?
Make a donation here, attend our events and spread the word. NORML's Project 4-22 will be organizing another excursion in 2018. Attend a NORML meeting in Missouri and become a member.
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Since our 2017 trip has completed, we will be looking towards 2018 for out next trip. We are not actively soliciting for next year's trip, but check back often. You can still help fund our educational experience and documentary this year with your donations. NORML's Project 4-22 doesn't end with the return of veterans from Colorado. We'll be touring across the state allowing our vets to share what they've learned and how other veterans can benefit from medical cannabis therapy to treat PTSD.


NORML's Project 4-22 representatives are available for speaking engagements with your group or organization. Contact us for more information.

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NORML's Project 4-22 is an initiative supported by state-wide NORML chapters: Greater St. Louis, Mid-MO, Columbia, Kansas City, Springfield, Missouri University, Denver NORML and Colorado NORML.

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