Veterans' Bios

Meet The Veterans Who Joined Our Journey

We are proud to honor our war-time heroes who have proudly served. The veterans selected for NORML's Project 4-22 trip will learn a wealth of knowledge that can help other veterans cope with mental health issues caused by combat service. Please join us as we take the following vets on a life-changing educational journey.

  1. Thomas Mundell
  2. Jeff Mizanskey
  3. Mike Oldham
  4. Chris Wolfenbarger
  5. Christine Dare
  6. Kyle William Kisner
  7. Josh Lee
  8. John Wingate
  1. William Royster
  2. Jason Branstetter
  3. Alice Mangan
  4. Robert O'Connell
  5. Matt Neal
  6. Dustin Peters
  7. Richard Wendell Thompson
  8. Marlin Gale Moody Jr.
  1. Ryan Shaw
  2. Jody Hendrix
  3. Jason Wojtanowski
  4. Lloyd Lapore, Jr
  5. George E. Biswell
  6. Karl Koch